Today’s Leaders needs a rare combination of mindset, skillset and tools that influences others from a place of authenticity.

The Authentic Leadership and Performance Course develops the communication styles, thinking and influencing skills of senior leaders to combine the power of authentic leadership with the tools and day-to-day skills needed to implement modern management theories and complex strategies necessary for high performance.

Authentic Leadership and Performance – Coaching Unity, Click here to view full programme details.

It is best practice for all coaches, including team coaches, to invest in coaching supervision.

Coaching Supervision allows coaches to continuously grow and develop as individuals and professionals, to consistently facilitate the best outcomes for clients.


Team Coaching Supervision – Coaching Unity. Click here to view full programme details.

The business world and the way we do business have changed since the outbreak of Covid-19

Many strategies and styles leaders previously relied on to motivate people, manage performance and develop culture are no longer relevant in the modern hybrid work environment. The pandemic has also revealed gaps in many companies’ management policies and leadership styles.

Improving Performance Through Coaching Skills – Coaching Unity. Click here to view full programme details.