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A podcast for anyone who is interested in Wellness. We explore all aspects of Wellness from nutrition, sleeping and exercise to medication and bio-hacking.



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Improve Focus, Concentration and thinking with the EYE doctor, Sherylle Calder!!

Dr. Sherylle Calder is known worldwide as the eye specialist who has helped teams win world cups, Ernie Els win the open and so much more. She is the go-to person when top performers want to improve concentration, focus, perception and so much more. 

How can you tap into her knowledge to improve your focus, concentration, and thinking?  Today we look at how you can make small changes at home and how they can dramatically impact your brain and concentration levels.




The Mike and Renier podcast is for South Africans who want to maximize their wellness, health and fitness. We look at the news from the cutting edge of science in fields like nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, health and performance. We interview local experts so that you can find out what South Africans are doing and offering in wellness.

Our desire is to take the vast amounts of research out there and simplify it so you can apply it on a daily basis. Whether you are just starting on your wellness journey or a full-on bio-hacker, you will love this journey to the edge of human possibility. 


Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper


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Renier Moolman


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