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A podcast for anyone who is interested in Wellness. We explore all aspects of Wellness from nutrition, sleeping and exercise to medication and bio-hacking.



The Mike

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The Mike and Renier podcast is for South Africans who want to maximize their wellness, health and fitness. We look at the news from the cutting edge of science in fields like nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, health and performance. We interview local experts so that you can find out what South Africans are doing and offering in wellness.

Our desire is to take the vast amounts of research out there and simplify it so you can apply it on a daily basis. Whether you are just starting on your wellness journey or a full-on bio-hacker, you will love this journey to the edge of human possibility. 


Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper


Renier Moolman

Renier Moolman


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Recent Episodes

Genetic Testing

Is DNA testing all that current marketing is hyping it up to be? Where can you get your DNA tested and what should you do with the results? 

Episode 1    |    45min

Finding Time for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the new buzzword! Do I need to be a yogi guru in lycra pants to benefit from Mindfulness?Today we interview Liza Stead who works in one of SA's top corporates and also runs mindfulness programs.We look at the following issues.What is...

Genetic Testing – Should you invest in it?

You have probably seen adverts for genetic testing promising they will change how you eat, exercise, and live. Can a genetic test really add value?How can you trust the results and more importantly how do you interpret them? In this interview Mike and Renier debate...

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