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At Coaching Unity we have vast experience across multiple disciplines which include coaching, training, consulting, mentoring and systemic team coaching. A key part of how we work is to first identify the root cause/s of the challenges that clients who approach us face. We then determine the most effective level to work at and what’s the best fit intervention to have a maximum impact in relation to time and budget.

We have a proven track record after 18 plus years of working in varying high pressure and high performance domains:  Everything from the corporate world, entrepreneurial ventures, international and local sport. We work at a systemic, team and individual level.

Michael Cooper is on the cutting edge of coaching in South Africa. He is a Certified Meta-Coach and is the South African regional director of the MCF (Meta-Coach Foundation). His diverse background includes IT Systems, Project Management and training. After working for large corporates for several years he has worked as a consultant, trainer and coach. He is also an experienced and entertaining speaker. His coaching clients include CEO’s, directors and managers from major companies in South Africa. Together with his business partner, Tim Goodenough, he researched the mental side of sports in South Africa. Their interviews with numerous South African sporting heroes formed the basis of their unique coaching model for elite athletes.

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Tim Goodenough is a Professional Certified Meta-Coach PCMC (currently one of approximately forty in the world) and a qualified trainer in both NLP and Neuro-Semantics. He is a member of the MCF and was part of the global leadership team for Neuro-Semantics (2010-2013). He was the full-time Mental Coach for the Sharks in the 2008 Super Rugby competition and was the Mental Coach of the 2014 World Cup Winning SA u19 Cricket side. More recently he was the High Performance Coach for Paarl Boys High (2014-present) and has been working with the Griquas rugby team (2018/2019) as their High Performance Coach. Before that Tim worked at Standard Bank as the Senior Manager for Talent Support in Personal and Business Banking and was part of the Leadership Development, Coaching & Mentoring Unit. Tim looked after Executive Coaching and Mentoring for Personal and Business Banking, as well as designing coaching and mentoring workshops, facilitating coaching and mentoring workshops and training and assessing external facilitators. Tim is the best-selling co-author with Michael Cooper of, “In the Zone with South Africa’s Sports Heroes” (2007:Zebra) and has also co-written Team Coaching: Artists at work (2009:Penguin) and written Raising Talent (2012:Penguin) and Game Changer Protocol (2016:CUI Solutions Press)

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